The first Students’ Union Election was held on 23rd September, 1975, the year that the College was established. Under the Presidentship of the Principal, elections are held annually, usually in July.

The present elected leaders of the Students’ Union for 2019-2020 are:

Vice President : C. Lalhmingsanga, Commerce

General Secretary: H.K. Lalruatsanga, Dept. of Mizo
Asst. : Lalnunzauva, Dept. of Mizo

Secretary, Outdoor Games : Kevin Lalrempuia, Dept. of Pol. Sc. 
Asst. : Lalawmpuia, Dept. of Pol. Sc.

Secretary, Indoor Games : Lalthlanfela, Dept. of Pol. Sc.
Asst. : Lalfakawma, Dept. of Sociology

Secretary, Social & Cultural : Peniel C. Rinmuanpuia, Dept. of Economics
Asst. : Rebeck Lalropuii, Dept. of Sociology

Secretary, Debating and Literary : Irene C. Lalhmangaihzuali, Dept. of History
Asst. : Jonathan Biakhmimgmawia, Dept. of Sociology

Editor, Magazine : Remlalliana, Dept. of English
Asst. : Jennifer Lalrintluangi, Dept. of English