The college library is placed on the second floor of the college building, directly on the right of the main gate. It houses a number of books whose precise number is not known after the government amalgamation of Science departments with Zirtiri College in the year 2000. The collection  includes course study books, reference books, journals etc. A number of journals,magazines and newspapers are subscribed to on weekly, monthly, yearly, quarterly basis. 


The college has a Library Committee chaired by the Principal. The librarian is the Coordinator. The Heads of Departments are the Committee members, as well as the Head Assistant, with one student representative from the Students' Union.  


Automation was introduced in 2005 with the installation of Software Online University Library (SOUL).  It is linked to e-resources National Mission on Education on ICT (NMEICT) sponsored by the HRD ministry.


The library is affiliated to INFLIBNET. Faculty and staff members are all equipped with login IDs and passwords for access to the network’s extensive e-resources.


Since June 2016, the library has acquired an e-repository which will link any kind of cloud computing of global networks and  digital libraries. 


CCTV was installed in 2013 for security measures.