LOCATION:  The new college campus at Salem Veng, Mualpui is just a short distance downhill from Rajiv Gandhi Stadium on the outskirts of Aizawl. The area is approximately 12471.50 square miles or 9.32 bighas.

INAUGURATION: On the 26th February 2018, the Chief Minister of Mizoram Pu _ inaugurated the new Commerce building at Mualpui. At the same function, the Minister for Higher and Technical Education, Pu R. _ formally opened the new Cafeteria and Students’ Common Room.
Report of Inauguration

While the proposed classrooms have already been equipped with necessary furniture, unfortunate circumstances with neighbouring land owners have led to legal wrangles, disabling efforts to build an approach road to the campus and the eventual shift of the Commerce stream to Mualpui.

BRIEF HISTORY OF ITS ACQUISITION:  Keeping in view the fact that the college did not have a permanent site and that its present location within residential quarters was too restricted for the establishment of a large, well-developed campus, on the 26th June 2009, student leaders met with the Chief Minister of Mizoram with the intention of acquiring the land around the Speaker's bungalow for extension of the college campus. As this was not possible, the Chief Minister advised the students to search for an alternative plot of land within Aizawl city, vide letter No. B. 160 13/4/2007EDC/16 dated March 2010. Subsequently, Aizawl College Teachers' Association (ACTA) leaders pursued the case by arranging a meeting with the then Minister-in-charge on the 15th September, enquiring about available land. The Minister arranged a meeting on the 5th October 2010 in his office chamber, attended by the Director, Higher & Technical Education, the Joint Secretary, college Principal and ACTA members. The Minister then announced that a plot of land which had been previously earmarked for Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College at Salem Veng, Mualpui, would be given to Govt. Aizawl College by free allotment.

Since there were three privately owned plots of land within the aforementioned land, efforts were made time and again to settle the issue. After lengthy negotiations, an agreement was reached on the 30th September 2011 between the concerned parties, and the college finally acquired the land with land lease No. DLL 24 dated April the 23rd 2012. According to the agreement, the land would be leased for twenty five years, with a provision for it to be leased for ninety nine years.

:  Construction for the Commerce Building, the Cafeteria and Students’ Common Room, and Women’s Hostel was undertaken by the state Public Works Division.

(1) The Commerce Academic Block was funded by the Special Plan Assistance (SPA). Work commenced on 7.7.2014 with the date of completion being 15.8.2016. The total expenditure of construction was 3 crores, while t
he total area is 1049.00 sqm.

Facilities created in the building -
1) Basement floor:  1)  Classroom with 60 capacity – 2 nos.
                                2)  Toilet  -  9 nos.
                                3)  Store room – 1 no.
2) Ground floor:     1)  Classroom with 60 capacity – 4 nos.
                                2)  Toilet – 9 nos.
                                3)  Store room – 1 no.
3) First floor:          1)  Library   - 1 no.
                                2)  Baggage Counter – 1 no.
                                3)  Staff Rest room  - 1 no.
                                4)  Staff room – 1 no.
                                5)  HOD room – 1 no.
                                6)  Establishment room  - 1 no.
                                7)  Toilet – 8 nos.

While the building was designed to be a 4-storey building, there is one remaining floor for future vertical extension. 

(2)  The Cafeteria and Students’ Common Room building was funded by RUSA with a total of Rs. 70 lakhs and received on the 5
th April 2016.  Work commenced on the 18th July 2016 and was completed on March 30th 2017.  It occupies an area of 547.20 sqm. The canteen is equipped with a kitchen, toilet and balcony, and is expected to seat 70 students at a time.  Directly below it is the Students’ Common Room and Students’ Union office which can accommodate 40 to 50 persons at a time.  As far as is possible, barrier-free provisions for the handicapped have been installed as per wishes of the government.

(3) The Women's Hostel will cover an area of 2244 sq. ft and 68/33 ft height. Funded by UGC (Nero) which has unfortunately stopped, only 70% work has been completed so far at the time of this report.

 Drone View of Commerce Block, Cafeteria and Women's Hostel as on June 2017