OPEN HOUSE: Since 2005, the department has been organizing activities in what is referred to as Open House sessions at regular intervals every semester for the English Core students.

The department invites prominent citizens from within the state and members of the alumni with great achievements in various areas to address and interact with the students. Over the years, Open House invitees and speakers have included writers, poets, novelists, media personalities, motivational speakers, Indian administrative officers and trainers, as well as several successful alumni. Seminars and workshops are also conducted at Open House sessions.

The Open House also provides an ideal platform to discover and project the talents of the students, be it poetry writing/reading, elocution, music, etc. It helps the students to build their personality and gain self-confidence.

The department faculty members contribute Rs. 500 at the beginning of every session to meet expenditure for the sessions. A contribution of Rs.100 is collected annually from Core students for the same purpose.

The department also felicitates each batch of graduates with mementos at a special Felicitation Open House session, and awards the topper in the university examination with prizes funded by special contributions from the faculty members.

PARENTS-TEACHERS MEET: In 2009, it was decided to gather parents of the English department students to discuss the college educational system and what was expected of their children since college is so different from school. It was found to be very helpful on both sides so the Parents- Teachers Meet became a fixed department practice. In 2011, with the introduction of the semester system the College Principal decided to adopt it as a college practice with every other department having such meets with parents of every fresh batch of students.

PERSONAL INTERVIEWS: The department conducts written tests and personal interviews for admission to every 1st semester Core batch. This is a time-honoured practice that was first introduced due to the need to preserve and maintain a high standard of English among Honours/Major/Core students.

Besides this, towards the end of the 1st semester, personal interviews are held with every single 1st semester student, irrespective of Core subject, as part of the university examination as per requirements of the Oral Communication course in the General English paper.

CLASSROOM TEACHING: Classroom teachings are often conducted with audio-visual aids for Core students as and when necessary. Multimedia classes are also held in the form of film and video shows of novels, plays and material in the syllabi.

Seminars, paper presentations and group discussions for the students are regularly organized by the department.

Extra classes are conducted for every semester as and when necessary.

Students of the 5th semester 2013 batch were assigned a project of visiting an orphanage located in Khatla, Aizawl every last Friday of the month. The students rendered their services in different areas for a day.

STUDENT MENTORING: Mentoring of students by faculty is practiced by the department. Students are divided into small groups led by one faculty member. The mentor maintains records of the academic performances of the students, as well as any other significant personal details. The mentor monitors the mentees and helps them out as and when needed.

DEPARTMENT MEETINGS: Meetings are held on a regular basis and exam results of the students analyzed every semester under the guidance of the HOD.