Freshers' Day 2016


The 2016 Freshers' Social was held on Tuesday the 26th July 2016. At the formal function held at Vanapa Hall, the Principal, Mr. Lalrinawma, warmly welcomed all the new students. In his speech, he noted that there have been 439 new admissions in the 1st semester - 384 in the Arts stream and 55 in the Commerce stream. With 646 students already in the IIIrd and Vth semesters, the college has a total of 1085 students in the present academic semester.

Isaac Lalhriatpuia (inset, above) of the 1st semester gave a speech on behalf of the freshers, while V.L. Rorelfela, Vice-President of the outgoing Students' Union spoke on behalf of the senior students. 


Felicitation awards were presented to the following students for meritorious academic achievements in the recent Mizoram University Undergraduate final examinations -

Janet Lawmsangzuali, Francis Zairemsanga, Malsawma (Dept. of English) 
R.Lalnunsiama, Vanlalduata,  J.H.Lalrinzuala ( Dept. of Mizo)  
Z.D. Vanlalruali (Dept. of History) 
Joseph Vanlaldingngheta, Samir Joshy, Remlalfaka Pachuau, C. Vanrammawii, Lalruatkimi, Nunsangzuali (Dept. of Economics)
Caroline Lalrinpuii, Dengthanpari (Dept. of Education)  
Lalvurmawii, Lalnunthari (Dept. of Political Science)
Vanengmawii (Commerce) 

These eighteen (18) students are all rank holders and two in particular, Caroline Lalrinpuii (Education) and Joseph Vanlaldingngheta (Economics) are University toppers in their respective departments.


The following annual awards were also conferred -
Dr. H. Thansanga Award for University Toppers - Joseph Vanlaldingngheta and Caroline Lalrinpuii
Dr. H. Ngurdingliana Awards for
(i) Student of the Year - Peter Lalsangpuia Khiangte
(ii) Class of the Year - IInd Semester Section A (July-Dec. 2015)
R. Biaksanga Sports Awards for Best Boy and Best Girl - Ishrael Lalfela and Mercy Lalhmangaihzuali
Zochungnunga Awards for Best Debator and Best Essayist - Remlalfaka Pachuau and Lalhmunsanga
Dr. Lalthansangi Fanai Award for champion team at MZU Sports Indoor Games - Lalduhawma and Steven Lalhriatpuia (Badminton)
Rebecca Lalhmangaihi Hindi Award for highest marks in Hindi Core - Sunanda Das
Lalremliana Award for Students' Union leader of the year - V.L. Rorelfela
Alumni Award (MZU UG Toppers) - Joseph Vanlaldingngheta and Caroline Lalrinpuii
Proficiency Award for University Toppers (sponsored by teaching faculty) - Joseph Vanlaldingngheta and Caroline Lalrinpuii


The 40th annual college magazine was also released by the Principal (inset, below). The volume titled Thang-Riai is edited by J.H. Lalrinzuala and his assistant Lalhriatkima. It is also called the Ruby Jubilee edition to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the college's foundation in 1975. 

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